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Art. 435 - FLOCK mini and midi paint roller

FLOCK - polyurethane foam coated with 2 mm polyamide in the form of fine salmon-colored filaments. Rollers made in this way ensure even distribution of the paint, without bubbles. FLOCK rollers are used for painting with acrylic paints, water-based varnishes. Rollers (CODE 436) are made in the MIDI version. MINI rollers (CODE 437) are made as rounded on both sides.

KOD435 050435 070435 100435 150
rozmiar (mm)5070100150
D (mm)32323232
d (mm)6666
H (mm)----
ilość w opakowaniu 10101010

KOD436 105436 155436 185
rozmiar (mm)100150180
D (mm)505050
d (mm)666
H (mm)---
ilość w opakowaniu 101010