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Art. 761 - FINISH PRO oblique brush

The highest quality oblique brush for professionals:

Economical paint and high efficiency.

Unbreakable fibers with "memory" - they do not deform, they have a very low fragility index.

The effect of a perfectly even and smooth end surface.

Easy brush cleaning thanks to smooth fibers with constant cross-section.

Special brush head cutting so that "cutting off" during painting is easier.

Flexible fibers allow better control of pressure during painting.

The fibers have less abrasion than bristles, which significantly extends the life of the brush.

Wooden handle - beech 3D with very ergonomic properties.

Application: for all types of water paints, water-based varnishes and azure.

CODE 761 100 761 150 761 200 761 250 761 300

size ("x mm) 1" x12 1.5 "x12 2" x15 2.5 "x15 3" x15

hair (mm) 59 59 65 65 72

quantity in the package (pcs.) 12 12 12 12 12